Whistle blowing on UMEME Power theft

TI Uganda and UMEME partnered with an aim of reducing corruption within and outside the operations of UMEME work

East African Bribery Index

This is an annual governance tool implemented in partnership between Transparency International Uganda (TI-U) and Transparency International Kenya (TIK)

Protecting Businesses in Uganda against Corruption

Corruption threatens business and society in all countries. A large part of it is perpetuated by private companies in their quest to capture business

Features & Highlights

Daily Monitor article reports more of the same on lack of accountability in government

An article in yesterday's Monitor reports that the 23-month Werikhe investigation is exonerating three Cabinet members of oil bribery and embezzlement allegations

Oil affected communities get another chance to communicate with government and air grievances

TIU observes the new set of government and refinery affected community conversations as the two parties try again to work together to successfully complete the RAP process

Uganda tops East Africa in Corruption

Uganda tops in corruption among the five countries under the East African community (EAC), a report by Transparency International has revealed.

EAST AFRICAN BRIBERY INDEX 2013: Bribery remains high in East Africa, but 90 percent of citizens will not report

Despite the fact that bribery remains high in East Africa, only one in ten East Africans will report or complain if they encountered bribery according to the East African Bribery Index 2013.