Projects & Activities

Improving quality of Ugandans through improved governance and accountability:
This project is geared towards promoting transparency and accountability at central and local government in Uganda.

Launch of Corruption Perception Index

It aims at promoting integrity, transparency, and accountability in service delivery with particular emphasis on the health, education, local government and production sectors in greater Masaka region


Transparency and Accountability in the Extractive sector:
This project aims to influence and support the development of transparency in Uganda’s extractive sector to ensure that resource extraction, justice and good governance of the sector bring benefit to the ordinary citizens of the country. It is implemented in
the districts of Kampala, Hoima, Buliisa and Moroto.











Land and Corruption in Africa:
This project is geared towards improved livelihood of men and women adversely affected by corruption practices in land administration and land deals in Africa,
through security of tenure and equitable and fair access to land deals in Africa.

Land stakeholders in Mukono