What We Do

Our thematic Areas

Promoting Transparency and Accountability in key socio economic service delivery sectors

This strategic area looks at empowering communities to monitor and report on social services delivery, and demand for service delivery accountability from duty bearers. TIU will work towards building the capacity of the community members in this area, as well as promote collaboration and linkages with the duty bearers, community members and CSOs in order to realize action from the duty bearers on issues reported. TIU will undertake engagements and follow up with the duty bearers in order to realize the fulfilment of action points generated to address the challenges raised. By so doing it is anticipated that the quality of services will improve.

Our Thematic Areas

Enhanced Citizen Participation in the governance of Natural Resource

The environmental degradation in Uganda is progressing at a very alarming rate. Environmental conservation to date remains a very critical issue. Exploitation of minerals has led to many hazards such as displacement of people, health hazards, land wrangles among others. This taking place despite the fact that many laws and guidelines exits to guide whatever action is taken.

This strategy aims at empowering citizens and other stakeholders to understand the various laws governing the management of natural resources, monitor their application and engage duty bearers to address the gaps that may be identified. TIU will partner with several likeminded CSOs and duty bearers in the delivery of interventions under this strategy.

Our Thematic Areas

Strengthening Accountability in Democratic Processes

This strategy not only comprises of strengthening the already existing laws but also considers promoting democracy as a form of good governance through empowering citizens to understand the electoral process, monitor and report electoral malpractices.

Our Thematic Areas

TIUs Institutional Capacity Strengthened

In order for TIU to become more efficient in delivering the above strategies.  TIU will seek to strengthen her resources and management systems.  The fundraising strategy will be developed and proactively implemented so as to generate the financial resources that will in turn support the organization to perform several other functions such as; building staff capacity, acquisition of assets, development and updating of internal systems and expansion of programmes among others