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Equity and Transparency in Accessing COVID-19 Vaccines in
Using COVID-19 vaccination as a case study, this brief highlights drivers of inequity and bribery within the
health system that may impede Uganda from realizing UHC. These learnings should be used to inform future
and current health crises, such as the ongoing Ebola outbreak
Health workers’ perceptions and
experience regarding corruption
within the health care system:
A case of COVID-19 vaccination
Access to healthcare can mean the difference between life and death yet the health sector is not
immune to corruption. The advent of COVID-19 did not only stretch the already burdened health
system in Uganda but also brought-with it corruption in the vaccine administration, getting proof of
vaccination card and/ or buying falsified vaccination certificates.
Report on the Equitable and Transparent access of Covid-19 vaccines in six selected districts in UgandaVaccination towards Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) has been recommended and adopted as one of
the measures of reducing the spread of this novel disease worldwide. Despite this, vaccine uptake among
the Ugandan population has been low with reasons surrounding this being unknown
TUI Survey On Distribution Of COVID-19 Vaccines 2022 Uganda plans to vaccinate an eligible population of 22 million people representing 49.8% of the
population as a means of optimal control of the pandemic. With over 32,096,440 doses of different
vaccines received as at 31st December 20211, Transparency International Uganda conducted a survey on the effectiveness of vaccine supply chains and delivery mechanisms. This was conducted in 10 districts of Uganda with a total of 11,880 vaccinated and non-vaccinated respondents.
Corruption Perceptions Index 2021 The African Development Bank (AfDB) is a regional multilateral development bank, engaged in
promoting the economic development and social progress of countries on the continent.