Local accountability

TIU staff, VACs, monitors from Abim and Agago admiring fish driers that were lobbied by VACs at Lambu landing site

VACs, TIU Staff and development partner visiting the Butokota stream site which had caused interdiction of the Sembabule district engineer as a result of shoddy work.

CSBAG Monitors admiring the newly constructed staff quarters at Kakuuto H/C V During their learning visit to TIU prjects in Greater Masaka.

This 4 unit staff quarter block at St Luke Bukakata was a result of joint lobbying efforts by VACs, Masaka DLG, Staff of St Luke and TIU.

This two class block and an office was constructed at Kanyogoga P/s by Lwengo DLG after VACs monitoring and reporting the poor infrastructural state of the learning facility.