Call for Consultancy

Land and corruption in Africa project supported by Transparency International Secretariat.

“LCA” in the districts of Mukono and Wakiso.

May 2019:

Transparency International Uganda (TIU) is a national chapter of Transparency International – The global coalition against corruption. It is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working to create change towards a Uganda free of corruption. Its jurisdiction is country wide and addresses all forms of corruption.
TI Uganda was founded in 1993 as a pressure group to bring together peoples’ voluntary initiatives to enhance accountability, transparency and integrity among all Ugandans. The organization has since grown from a mere pressure group whose membership was largely composed of lawyers and eminent Ugandans to an autonomous NGO registered with the Uganda NGO board.

In 2015, TIU received funding from Transparency International Secretariat (TIS) to implement a project known as Land and Corruption in Africa. The project “Land and Corruption in Africa” overall goal is to contribute to improved livelihoods of men and women adversely affected by corrupt practices in land administration and in land deals in Africa through security of tenure and equitable, fair access to land and water.

The project is currently being implemented in among other countries in Africa namely; Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya. In Uganda, for the last 4 years, the project has been implemented in the 2 districts of Wakiso and Mukono among others.

  1. A strong citizenship of men and women of different generations and social and cultural backgrounds is informed of their land and tenure rights, legally empowered to defend their rights, aware of solution mechanisms, and demands transparency and accountability and citizen participation and oversight from their governments to end corruption in the land sector
  2. Stakeholders from civil society, private sector and government are engaged in land related anti-corruption initiatives, systematically act to promote good land governance, and prevent corruption in the land sector nationally, regionally and globally
  3. Intergovernmental institutions, governments, & businesses have strong, equitable, & just procedures in place to prevent & redress corruption in the land distribution, acquisition & dispute management 

Key tasks for the consultants:

  1. Review of the project documents
  2. Field visits to the project sites e.g. districts and sub counties
  3. Prepare draft report for TIUs comments
  4. Prepare and submit the final report including video clip
  5. Prepare and submit the narrative report(stories of change) 

Target Group for Documentary:                                                                                                     

The target groups are the project staff, Paralegals, and community members, CSOs, duty bearers (technical and political leaders) at local government level and Civil Society Organisations.

  1. Interview: Interview will be conducted by the consultant with a sample of stakeholders. For stakeholders at or close to the project site (project staff, duty bearers (the local government officials and district and sub county officials, local political leaders like chairperson LCVs, chairpersons LCIII), Paralegals and CSOs. Interview will be conducted during the project location visits.
  2. Review of the project literatures such as ;
  • The technical proposal
  • Project results frame work
  • Activity reports.
  • Annual reports
  1. Report analysis and production: The consultant is expected to analyse the reports gathered from different stakeholders. After analysis, the consultant is required to produce the films and narrative reports (hard and soft copies) and soft and hard copies of books accompanied by success stories of the project.
  2. The consultant will also determine the methodology of how he/she will use to achieve the objective of documentary. 

Documentary report accompanied with story of change (Video and narrative).

The exercise is expected to commence on 3rd June 2019, it will take 15 days including report writing. 

Profile of the consultant:

The successful candidate will have;

  • Track record of a good understanding on good governance and social accountability in Uganda
  • Experience in conducting documentation especially in field of governance and accountability
  • Knowledge and experience on participatory research work and engagement at different levels
  • Good facilitation and data collection skills
  • Good analytical and writing skills
  • Demonstrable understanding of and commitment to promoting gender equity, diversity and the interests of the marginalised people.

Interested candidates should submit their proposals outlining methodology and process, work plan, proposed budget and CVs not later than May 28th 2019 at 5:00pm. The full proposal and the budget should be addressed to the Executive Director, Transparency International Uganda